In-N-Out Potty Break
For the pets who need a quick potty break while you’re away, the In-N-Out service offers attention and relief to your pets while keeping your house free from accidents and your pet’s potty schedule on track.

Daily Visits
Dogs big or small, we walk them all.  For the active pets who need more than a potty break, the daily visit offers a 30-45 minute walk, jog, trail walk/run or a play-date.  In addition to exercise, hugs and lots of snuggles, your pet(s) will receive consistent reinforcement for appropriate behavior to maintain and acquire new skills – we train while we walk. Each visit is customized to your pet’s age and fitness level. In addition to exercise, daily visits can include scheduled feeding and administering of required medications. At the customer’s request we will also take care of household tasks such as turning on/off lights, managing alarms, collecting mail/newspapers, taking out/in garbage cans, cleaning out litter boxes and watering indoor/outdoor plants.

Canine Campers Daycare
For the economically minded pet owner, doggy daycare is a smart way to give your pet a home away from home and relief from being lonely when you can’t be there.  To keep your pets healthy and socialized doggy daycare includes several activities throughout the day.  Outings include fun filled trips to parks, beaches and trails with access to social activities (i.e., ball/Frisbee play etc.).   Our daycare extends beyond a “you leave’m we love’m” attitude. We teach basic leash manners and train basic commands.
  • Doggy daycare – small dog, per day:
  • Doggy Daycare – large dog, per day:
  • Pick up or drop off shuttle service (one way):
Doggie Slumber Parties
Are you traveling abroad for that much needed vacation or have corporate travel? Let us put your mind at ease and take care of your loving pups overnight at our home or yours, whatever is most convenient for you. We will provide your dog(s) with a happy, healthy and comfortable experience while you’re away. Comfort and well-being are our top priorities. Personal items to make them feel more at home; beds, blankets, food and treats are welcome.

  • Overnight care – small dog, per night:
  • Overnight care – large dog, per night:
  • Pick up or drop off shuttle service (one way):
  • Overnight care – at customer’s home, per night, starting at:
Cool Cats
We provide loving care and comfort with a calm and predictable environment for cats of all sizes and ages. While you’re away our customized cat care is designed to provide convenience to each unique situation. If your kitties are more comfortable at home, we can provide daily visits to your home that include litter clean up, exercise, play, food and water, brushing and most importantly love and attention. If your cat needs that extra care and attention, we are more than happy to have them stay with us while you are gone. Let US create a home away from home to give YOU a peace of mind.

  • Daily visit (up to 3 cats), per visit:
  • Overnight cat care, per cat, per night:
Birds, Reptiles, and Fish
We know not all households include just dogs or cats, but other furry and sometimes slippery critters as well. If your pet needs extend past dog or cat care, we’re there to take care of your other little guys as well. Whether its a fresh salad for your turtle, fruit or seeds for your birds, cage cleaning for your hamster or feeding your fish, no pet goes without pampering.
Platinum Pet Concierge
We know life gets hectic and making time for groomers appointments and veterinarian visits can be difficult. Let us be your pets personal driver and let both them and you relax.
*Major Holidays (extra charge may apply)
Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day