Here’s a handful of the hundreds of happy customers we’ve had over our 20 years of expert pet care!!


Andrea, Chief Investment Officer:

“My dogs are precious, beyond precious, I would trust them to very, very few people…. but I don’t need to worry about leaving them with Sharon. She helps me regularly when I am out of the country, caring for my two dogs, and also walking them when I am in town; I definitely don’t want “just a dog walker,” and Sharon is the one I can trust and rely upon. She is THE most professional dog walker I have ever worked with, ever.”


Jean Sikora:

“In early March, I needed major surgery, and because I live alone and have family in Portland, Oregon, I decided to fly up there and have my surgery. My main concern was my indoor cat, Emmy.  Sharon and Dog Gone Walking was my answer.  Sharon took care of Emmy for nearly 3 months. She came every day; spent time with her, fed her, played with her, loved her took  pictures of her and sent them to me. I could focus on my recovery knowing that not only was I getting the best care, but so was my beloved Emmy.”


Ray Brandt:

“Hi Sharon, Just a quick note to thank you for training my boy, Mozart. Your work with him has produced a totally adjusted friend who is at ease in any situation. As you always said, it is important to get started early and to be consistent. That you did . . . he seems to know what I are thinking and then reacts as expected? Again, you were right . . . hand signals should be on every owners most important list. When at the dog park I let him socialize with the other dogs, and when it is time to come back to me, the simple hand signals you taught work like magic. Sit, stay, come, etc, he knows them all. Thank you again – you have made owning a wonderful dog a great experience. Best wishes”


Kim Shepherd:

“My biggest concern with my baby has always been when I have to leave town. With Dog Gone Walking, I think my dog gets even better care than when I’m home. He’s always torn with excitement between saying hello to me and good bye to his baby sitter!”


Michelle Bowman:

“Have you seen the program “The Dog Whisperer” on TV? Sharon is my dog Riley’s whisperer. She not only walks and feeds Riley every day, she also works with Riley and my family to completely transform the way we interact. And the results are amazing. We have peace of mind knowing that Sharon will be taking care of Riley every day while we are at work. Riley is a happy, relaxed dog. Thank you Sharon!”


Tanni Anne:

I have known Sharon for over 10 years. Sharon is very capable, intelligent and responsible. I have found her help invaluable to me and my family. She is has been loyal to me, very efficient and organized. She has an individual drive to succeed despite any obstacles. But it is not these qualities that distinguishes Sharon in my mind. Sharon displays that extra special something that is hard to find in this day and age. She is a truly compassionate and caring individual and her love for what she does shines through and touches everyone she meets. She is a true asset to her profession and I give her my highest recommendations without hesitation.


Jess Miller:

“As a businessman many times its necessary for me to leave town on a moments notice. I’m usually away for several days. I live in a rural area and have a large dog. It can be very difficult to find a house sitter at the drop of a hat and very expensive to board them at a Vet. Dog Gone Walking has offered me a great alternative. I can drop my dogs off and know that they will be properly cared for and exercised in my absence. Its one less thing I have to worry about. In todays business world its nice to know there’s a professional outfit out there to accommodate my needs.


Carolyn Rouleau:

“Sharon and the Dog Gone Walking team are awesome!! We rely on Sharon for her expertise and loving care for our girls. When Sharon pulls up in front of our house, Katie, Betsy, and Bailey recognize her car and the excitement begins! They and we love Sharon and our whole family (two legged and four legged) rely on her. She takes our pets on daily walks and they also go for sleep overs at Sharon’s house. You can count on Sharon. Recently my husband had some medical problems and all it took was a quick call to Sharon and she went and picked up our three pets and took them home with her. What a relief to know that they were well cared for and loved and not sitting home alone wondering where we were or why we never made it back home. Travel plans in our house start with a call to Sharon’s when we know she is available, then we proceed with our reservations. We can’t say enough good things about Dog Gone Walking and highly recommend her for all of your pet care needs.”


Lourdes Cooke:

“We have used Dog Gone Walking several times for our dog and had a great experience. Our dog loves Sharon, and it is evident that Sharon has a great love of animals.”


Kay Edteshami

“Sharon has been taking care of our two dogs since 2008 because leaving them with her when we are away gives us a peace of mind. She treats them with much affection as if they were her own. The last time she did an outstanding job sitting for our dogs, one of whom was 14 years old. Sharon understands and respects the individual needs of each of our pets. I recommend Sharon and Dog Gone Walking to anyone who is in need of pet sitting services without hesitation or equivocation.”